About Ellie Simmonds



Eleanor ‘Ellie’ Simmonds OBE is a four-time Paralympic Champion and currently has ten world records to her name. Ellie shot to fame when she won her first Paralympic medal at the age of 13 years and nine months. This was the start of a string of firsts for Ellie as she went on to become the youngest winner of the BBC Young Sports Personality of the Year in 2008 and then the youngest recipient of an MBE at the age of 14 years.

Since her meteoric rise into the public eye, Ellie has continued to dominate her sport, winning thirteen World titles, ten European titles and breaking eight world records along the way. In addition to these achievements, Ellie competed at the London 2012 Paralympics, winning four medals, including two golds, and broke a further two world records. Her gold medals were won in the S6 400m Freestyle and SM6 200m Individual Medley. Ellie won silver in the S6 100m Freestyle and Bronze in the S6 50m Freestyle. In the lead up to London 2012 Ellie became the poster girl for the Paralympic games and her success makes her the most recognised Paralympic athlete in Great Britain.

Eleanor’s disability is classified as Achondroplasia dwarfism. She started swimming at the age of five and started competing against able-bodied children at the age of eight. At ten years old, Ellie’s talent was spotted at a disability event and she was entered onto the British Swimming talent programme. She worked her way through to be selected as the youngest member of a senior British Swimming squad for the 2006 IPC World Championships at 12 years and three weeks.

Since bursting onto the scene at the Beijing Paralympics, Ellie Simmonds has captured both the hearts and minds of the British public, balancing her stardom with her school work and training. Ellie’s reputation as a world-class athlete has been secured with fantastic performances at London 2012. She followed up her sensational Paralympics with an equally fantastic World Championships in Montreal where she came home with three gold medals, a bronze and a world record, cementing her status as Britain’s golden girl.





Major Achievements

2014 GOLD x3 IPC European Championships
SILVER x2 IPC European Championships
GOLD x 3 IPC World Championships
BRONZE IPC World Championships
2012 GOLD x 2 London Paralympics
2012 SILVER London Paralympics
2012 BRONZE London Paralympics 
2011 GOLD Paralympic World Cup
2011 GOLD x 2 IPC European Champs
2011 SILVER IPC European Champs
2011 BRONZE IPC European Champs
2010 GOLD x 4 IPC World Champs
2010 SILVER x 2 IPC World Champs
2010 BRONZE IPC World Champs
2010 GOLD Paralympic World Cup
2009 GOLD x 6 IPC World Champs (25m)
2009 SILVER IPC World Champs (25m)
2009 GOLD x 5 IPC European Champs
2009 GOLD Paralympic World Cup
2008 GOLD x 2 Beijing Paralympics
2008 BBC Young Sports Personality

Vital Statistics

Date of Birth: 11 November 1994
Nationality: British
Height: 1.23m (4ft)
Weight: 43kg (95lb)

World Records Held

Women’s Long Course:


200m Individual Medley        SM6        3:04.07           7th August 2014
400m Freestyle                       S6           5:19.17           1st September 2012
800m Freestyle                       S6          11:24.36          28th April 2011


Women’s Short Course (25m):


50m Freestyle                          S6          0:36.68            2nd December 2009
100m Freestyle                        S6          1:17.61            3rd December 20009
200m Freestyle                        S6          2:44.21            29th November 2009
400m Freestyle                        S6        5:27.58            23rd November 2013
200m Individual Medley         SM6        3:08.80            1st December 2009
4 x 100m Freestyle                                4:26.20             1st December 2009
4 x 100m Medley                                      4:46.23            5th September 2009


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